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ZX-10? ZZR1100? ZX-12R? ZZR1400? Er… no, the fastest Kawasaki in the world will have more than two wheels. Quite a few more, as a matter of fact. And unlike the ZZR1400, with its 300km/h top speed, the Kawasaki efSET (environmentally friendly Super Express Train) will be capable of hitting 350km/h!

Yes indeed, Japan already has the Shinkansen – the Bullet Train – which does about 300km/h. And now, Kawasaki Heavy Industries are working on the efSET, which will be slicker, lighter and faster. This new train, which is expected to be operational in Japan in the next five years, will be much more energy efficient, less noisy and more comfortable than any other super-train in the world.

The Kawasaki efSET is aimed at improving Japan’s existing high-speed railway system, which is already considered to be the world’s best. Hmmm… so maybe the 2011 Suzuki Hayabusa has more than just the ZZR1400 Ninja to worry about…
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