Gear Box problem in my pulsar!!

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hi all... i m facing problem in gear box in my pulsar 150.(1 year old)
the gearbox make a big noise when i change gear. even when i m riding it on a road the gear box get gamed and i immediately have to change gear!! I really worry about this!! Sad Sad

i need suggestions!! any one who had experienced such a problem?? Crying or Very sad

& Some Friends Really gave good Advice.. Like...

  • Considering its a year old, im assuming its the UG3 version. Check your clutch and clutch plates, if replacing get the whole set including the metal plates changed. For the 180 it comes to around 800+ so im assuming more or less the same for the 150.

  • Regarding the oil change, bajaj recommends oil changes at 5000 km intervals. I wouldn't stick to that though. Best option is to go for the normal semi oil and change at 2000 km intervals, bajaj isn't exactly renowned for their component quality, so safer the better.

  • Gearbox problems have long since plagued the pulsars, and this could be that, however, if you're having hard gear shifts, it would also be worthwhile to check the gear shifter itself. My bike had a similar problem and apparently the gear shifter shaft wore out after 20k kms. So that is an avenue to be checked as well.

  • Regarding where to get it serviced, if it is at a local mech, i would suggest you go to one who does pulsars on a regular basis. Bajaj changes a lot of things with each and every new edition of the pular and unless the guy actually has experience with said model, it might end up rather badly. Since you mention it is only a year old, the service center would be your best option, get it checked there.

  • check the clutch plates and steel plates ... and follow the oil regime for good results .........
  • Checked oil ? How often do you change it ? Anyways I would also check my clutch plates if i were you...

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