Honda to produce V4-powered bike

While Honda haven’t shown the much-anticipated VFR1000 this year, they’ve announced they will make an all-new V4-powered bike, which will be out in the market by early 2010. No word on what this bike will actually be – an all-out sportsbike, sports-tourer or something else.

Honda have also announced that they will be working on the development of a ‘next generation’ transmission, which would be based on dual-clutch technology. According to a company press release, this would combine the advantages of race and road transmission set-ups, and will provide dynamic and smoother gear shifts, with less impact on the chassis.

Honda believes its next generation transmission will help improve the riding experience and will provide better fuel economy and more efficient power transfer compared to the conventional manual transmission. Well, yeah, whatever. All we want is another RC45…

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