TVS Apache RTR 180cc the Menace

Just got to know that TVS is all set to launch the much awaited "Apache RTR Menace" the latest offering from TVS in the 180cc segment by late Oct or early Nov 2008.

The Menace on two wheels is arriving and it looks hot too. Considering the sexiness that exists in the current RTR 160 beating all in that exist in its class and a few above too. Even if it manages to keep up with it predecessor it’ll be up there with the best… need I say more.

The bike will retain the basic lines of the current RTR, retaining the basic look of a naked sports bike. But with no front scoop this time. And for a good reason too, the front is now going to house a semi-full faring that will expose part of the engine and give it that naked bike look too.
The bike will have a digital speedometer with top speed, 0-60 timer, trips, and other extra functionality plus stunning looks.

Engine and Gearbox:
The race developed high reving180cc mill will be one of a kind, developing 18bhp and refined further, more than it is in the current RTR. The engine is expected to have a high compression ratio to deliver more power and will be powered by a fuel injection system.

Ride and Handling:
The current RTR handles like a charm with loads of feedback from both the front and rear end. TVS won’t make a mistake in the handling department, although the company is looking to keep the setup to a slightly sportier side. With front and rear disk brakes and a proposed mono-shock we have a new dream bike in development here.
Rumours are that TVS might be going overboard with the weight distribution and balancing and we might have a surprise exhaust this time.

Price and Competition:
Expect the price to be around 80,000+INR. This is a real good deal, considering the finish and performance of previous TVS products. The bike will compete with bikes above its segment like the pulsar 200 as the RTR is already taking care of the bikes in the 180cc segment.

The bike is a bargain for what TVS is offering with the “Menace”. I’m sure TVS will break benchmarks with this 180cc. The bike is due this Oct-Nov (2008) - Those planning for a performance bike any time soon, do try this first.

*The apache 180 is expected to launch this diwali. althogh the release might be postponed to pongal to make it an attraction at the next autoshow!

** You could expect a longer wheelbase, a mono shock or a slightly different suspension layout. They have also been experimenting with a lot of speedo layouts so a fully digital display can be expected. Fuel injection too will be standard.

*** The basic layout will continue to be an air cooled 4 stroke single. The reliability quotient will have to upped however.

**** Apache Menace will come with some cosmetic upgrades too.The company reportedly is also working on 200cc version of the Apache and that might come in the market with ABS!


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Which NON-GEAR bike to buy??

You can have so many option if you are planning for gear bikes, but you have very few option to choose while it comes non-gear selection of non-gear bike.

Here are few bikes...

1> Honda aviator
2> Honda activa
3> Honda dio
4> Hero Honda. pleasure 
5> Bajaj Wave
6> Kinetic Flyte

Which one is better in look, performance, mileage and other technical aspects??


New CBZ X-treme :: Upgraded !!

Hero Honda will soon come up with a refreshed cbz X-treme. New CBZ Xtreme will get new stickers and body graphics over its body panels. But the upgrade is not just limited to body panels the heart will also see a upgrade. The new CBZ X-treme will get the Hero Honda’s ATFT (Advanced Tumble Flow induction technology) which we first seen in Hero Honda Hunk. The new CBZ X-treme will also get tuff-up tube in the rear wheel. This proven puncture resistant technology first seen in Honda’s Unicorn which minimizes the incidents of sudden puncture by 70%. But the stiff ride of CBZ X-treme might continue as there is no mention of GRS (Gas Reservoir Suspension) in the new X-treme’s features list. The new CBZ X-treme will also get Hero Honda’s unique anti kick back device which ensures kick lever doesn’t kick back. Expect the price of the new cbz X-treme to be slightly higher than the current one. Hero Honda will launch the new CBZ Xtreme in October.


Expected ::

  • Price: 75k
    BHP: 18bhp
  • Top Speed: 135kmph 
  • Colors: yellow, orange, black and maybe lime green
  • Performance changes: higher compression ratio, Fi
    Body changes: less weight, semi naked fairing fixed type, projector lamps, 120 rear, rear disc
    Rubber profile: 100 front, 120 rear, mixed compound

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Hero Honda Karizma OR Bajaj Pulsar?? Which is Better??


Bajaj to launch Ninja 250R in india

Bajaj will launch the Kawasaki Ninja 250CC and KTM Duke 690CC in 2008 through its Probiking showrooms. News was out in early 2008, in January, still i think it will take more time bajaj to lauch this bike.

New-for-2008 features include:
  • New bodywork.
  • Revised dual overhead camshafts and a new 2-into-1 exhaust system for more low and mid-range torque from the dual-carbureted 249cc DOHC parallel twin-cylinder engine.
  • Refined intake and exhaust ports for improved off-idle response and smooth power delivery.
  • Reduced engine noise via an automatically adjusting cam chain tensioner.
  • A new fairing and windscreen for improved wind protection.
  • A new 37mm telescopic front fork with firm settings.
  • New, larger 17″ wheels with low-profile tires.
  • A larger 290mm front brake rotor.
The 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R is priced arround  $3,499 and will available in four colors: Lime Green, Ebony, Passion Red, and Candy Plasma Blue.

as per economics time hindi edition ninja is expected in dec.2008.

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Bajaj Pulsar User Reviews

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  1. Pulsar 150 DTSi
  2. Pulsar 180 DTSi
  3. Pulsar 220 DTS Fi

Okay.. So lets start with me!!
    As i have been riding pulsar since last 2 years.. i really enjoyed it!! great pickup.. excellent look, low maintenance, al r great!! Top speed is 110 kmph!!! One thing that i dnt like with this baby is the problem with gear-box!! -Max

Bajaj Pulsar,User Reviews

Aage Nikal Rahe Hai Hum, Khud Se Hi Aage Hur Kadam” Which Means We Have Competition with our self only... - Roy

Positive side,
1) Looks
2) Speed
3) Pick up
4) Tyres
5) Breaks
6) Low End Torque

Negative Side.
1) The gearbox needs to be well serviced.
2) Secondly the fuel indicator doesnt show correct reading -Sandeep


Honda CBF Stunner Complete Details


Bajaj Platina 125cc details

Bajaj Auto has launched the 125cc version of the Platina in the market.. the new variant of platina bill cost Rs. 39,000.

Platina over and above its 100cc competitors provides the follwing extra’s
1) DTS-Si engine
2) 125 cc
3) 111 kmpl Mileage (Claimed)
4) Ride Contro Switch
5) Electric Start
6) Auto Choke
7) Maintenance Free Battery
8) Anti-Friction  DU Bushes in the front fork.
9) SNS Suspension
10) Twin Pilot Lamps
11) ExhausTec

By launching Platina 125cc, a new bike will join the "DTSi" club.


Latest on road price :: Honda Unicorn

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  • Honda Unicorn Price in Delhi: 60,284/-
  • Honda Unicorn Price in Mumbai: 66,600/-
  • Honda Unicorn Price in Bangalore: 66,800/-
  • Honda Unicorn Price in Chennai:  65,800/-
  • Honda Unicorn Price in Kolkata: 63,600/-
  • Honda Unicorn Price in Pune: 64,500/-



  • Model: 3C11
  • Machine type: Liquid Cooled, 4T, SOHC
  • Diameter x Step: 57 x 58.7 (mm)
  • Volume Cylinders: 149.8 cc
  • Comparison of Compression: 10.4: 1
  • Starter system: Kick & Electric Starter
  • Slow lap: 1300 - 1500 rpm
  • Power: 11:10 kw (14.88 HP) / 8.500 rpm
  • Torque: 13:10 nm (1.34 Kgf.m) / 7,500 rpm REFUELING
  • Baker suggested materials: Unleaded Gasoline (Premium without reciprocal)
  • Tank capacity: 12 Ltr


Oil recommended: SAE 20W40 / SAE 20W50 API SJ SERVICE
Lubricant system: Type wet
The amount of oil Machine
- The periodic (without removing the filter): 0.95 Ltr
- The periodic (by removing the filter): 1.00 Ltr
- The total: Ltr 1:15


Type: AC 28 / 1
Brand / Brand: MIKUNI
Cam Chain: Silent Chain / 96
Tensioner: Automatic
Gap Valves
- Entrance: 0.10 mm ~ 0:14
- Dispose: 0.20 mm ~ 0:24

  • Width: 705 mm
  • Height: 1.035 mm
  • Length: 2,000 mm
  • High Seating: 790 mm
  • Wheel Distance axis: 1.282 mm
  • Caster angle: 260
  • Trail: 100 mm
  • Proximity to the lowest land: 167 mm
  • Net weight: 114 kg
  • Gross Weight (liquid): 125 kg

Type / Brand: CR 8 E (treating) / U-24 ESR-N (DENSO)
Busi Gap: 0.7 ~ 0.8 mm

  • Ignition timing: 100 / 1.400 rpm
  • Detention pick up coil: 248 ~ 372 ohm
  • Detention primary coil: 2:16 ~ 2.64 ohm
  • Detention secondary oil: 8.64 ~ 12.96 ohm
  • Fuse (Sekring): 20 Ampere
  • Bulb (bulb) lighting the future: 12V 35/35W, 12V 5W (Lights twilight)
  • Bulb (bulb) taillight: 12V 5/21W


  • Capacity: 12V 3.5 Ampere