2010 Chevrolet Beat

Look at this sexy car... i love chevrolet, its cars are really amazing... At performance, at naming and at Desing and look!!!

It would compete with the Hyundai i10. The above image is an artists impression of how the beat would look. It has been caught testing and we are pretty sure that the production version and the artists impression won’t have much difference in between them. You can see there is a Daewoo batch on this car and GM usually makes its small cars and India bound cars with GMDAT (General Motors Daewoo Auto Technologies) The car looks good and GM plan to price it between 4-5 lacs. It will use the second generation S Tec 1.2 liter engine which will feature DOHC, 16V and Varaible Intake Geometry. Only time will tell whether GM can beat (no punt intended) Hyundai by catching the i.

  • Engine - 1.2L DOHC 16V
  • Power - 75bhp (estimated)
  • Fuel Type - Petrol (Multijet Diesel a possibility)
  • Price - about 4-5 lacs

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