Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade power-bike launched in India

Honda Fireblade power-bike
Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Ltd. has launched its CBR1000RR Fireblade. It will be available in the showrooms by March 2009. Sporting a price tag of Rs. 12.5 lakh. It comes in two colours- Achilles Black Metallic and Pearl Siren Blue. With its 180bhp inline-four engine, high-spec chassis and suspension and C-ABS anti-lock brakes, the CBR1000RR Fireblade is widely considered to be one of the best superbikes.



The machine's appearance is short and compact with the whole seeming to be drawn towards the centre of the bike in the pursuit of optimum mass centralization.The front cowl clings closely to the headstock, protruding as little as possible over the front of the bike in order to minimize inertia and maximize aerodynamic efficiency. Sleek bodywork provides the minimum resistance to the wind at high speeds, while incorporating the rider into an efficient part of the aerodynamic package.


Line beam headlights and dual ram-air intakes complete the ultra-aggressive look at the front. Sleek wing-mirror mounted indicators complement the Fireblade’s clutter-free design, and for the rear indicators come in an oval shape and feature a clear lens with an orange bulb.

The Fireblade’s low-slung exhaust system is true to the mass centralization ethos of the machine, while also providing maximum ground clearance in extreme track riding conditions. Emissions are kept well within regulated limits by Honda’s proven HECS3 oxygen-sensing catalyser system which constantly monitors harmful emissions within the exhaust gases and tailors fuelling in order to achieve the most efficient combustion mixture.

Improved power-to-weight ratio is always the focus of the ultimate sports bike and the Fireblade’s power plant delivers an astonishing top-end rush coupled with superb torquey through-the-revs drive. Honda’s innovative Assist Slipper Clutch helps maintain composure while rapidly changing down through the gears. With the bike pitched forward on its nose under heavy braking, this system almost entirely eliminates hopping from the rear wheel as the clutch is released. In addition, Honda's clever assist mechanism assures both quicker and more assured clutch reengagement and much lighter and more comfortable clutch actuation in virtually all riding and racing conditions.The Fireblade’s lightweight aluminum three-spoke wheels help to minimize the extremely low unsprung mass of the machine, guaranteeing maximum responsiveness and light handling.

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