Kawasaki ZX-12R Details

Kawasaki ZX 12 R is a best loved sports bike, which could, by all the way, be called a super bike. The attractive feature make the popularity of the model sky high. Strong and beautiful body, powerful engine to give the performance more than your expectations, safety measure to ensure you commute on it safely and comfortably etc... make the bike a best seller and most wanted.

The liquid-cooled, 1199 cm3 DOHC, 16-valve 4-cylinder engine produces more horsepower than any other machine in its category. New crankshaft has larger flywheels and approximately 20% more inertia for smoother off-idle acceleration and an improved power feel during highway cruising. The direct valve actuation with crowned lifters to equalise pressure across the cam lobes and reduce tear and wear. Narrow valve angles (IN=12°, EX=13°) are the same as those on the 6R and 9R and ensure a highly efficient combustion chamber shape. The machine produces a maximum power of 131 kW (178 PS)/ 10,500 rpm. With Ram Air 140 kW {190 PS}/ 10,500 rpm the maximum torque is 134 N·m (13.7 kgf·m)/ 7,500 rpm.

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