Bajaj patent does not impacts TVS Business

... said TVS Motors.

CHENNAI: After the twin-spark plug technology patent war between TVS Motor and Bajaj Auto, the southern two-wheeler major has gone on record
stating that it has not infringed on the ExhauTEC patent granted to Bajaj Auto last month. TVS Motor has noted the patent had no impact on its business.

"The patent granted to Bajaj Auto is for ExhausTEC, which is a chamber fitted on the exhaust pipe. It has nothing to do with DTSi twin spark technology. They are two separate patents and are not linked to each other," the company said in a release here on Friday.

Contending that there is no correlation between ‘DTSi twin spark’ technology and ‘ExhausTEC,’ TVS Motor sought to point out that they are two independent technologies with separate patents and these technologies are not used by TVS Motor Company in any of its products.

DTSi technology involves the use of two spark plugs in the cylinder head, which is part of the engine, it said.
‘ExhausTEC’ is not fitted on the engine but is fitted in the exhaust pipe and refers to an additional chamber (box) that is created in the exhaust pipe through which exhaust gases are dispensed.

Bajaj Auto filed the ‘ExhausTEC’ patent in 2004 and the subsequent patent application was published in the Indian Patent Gazette in 2007. TVS Motor opposed this in the Indian Patent Office. It was only due to TVS Motors opposition that Bajaj had to amend their claims and the claim as amended was subsequently granted to Bajaj, the release further noted.

The Indian Patent Office granted Bajaj Auto a patent for its ExhausTEC invention vide Patent no 231498 dated March 5, 2009. This grant was published in Patent Gazette dated March 27, 2009, a release from Bajaj said.

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