Hurry Up :: Tata Motors closes the bookings for the Nano

Tata Motors closes the bookings for the Nano Today. Some of the company’s dealers seem to be a worried lot. as they bought bulk of application forms, anticipating huge demand for booking, are now stuck as a large chunk has remained unsold. The dealers had bought each booking form for Rs 250 and had sold it to customers for Rs 300. But, company insiders think there will be substantial increase in bookings on the last day (Saturday).

Tata spokesperson said, there is no issue on this till now, and if it occur in future, It will be company's internal matter between Dealer and Company, and need not to be commented in public.

The Reasons for less amount of booking are might be,
  • Confusion over the booking procedure
  • Unavailability of test drives
  • Uncertainty over delivery schedules

Currently total booking figure of around 2 lakh. It is expected that the Nano would be more successful in the tier II and tier III markets. However, as far as online sales were concerned, Nano was a hit. The Rs 1 lakh car can be booked online through the dedicated portal, The portal had set a target to sell bookings for 10,000 cars and it has achieved that. The Mumbai-based dealer said they are planning to approach Tata Motors to take back the unsold forms. The meeting could likely happen on Monday, said one of the dealers. (ET)

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