Hyundai Santro enters mumbai texi market

Hyundai Santro is set to be launched here as taxis after the state government ordered the phasing-out of nearly 7,500 aging cabs.

Santro will replaced About 50,000 black and yellow taxis in mumbai. In the first run, these 30 cars will run as taxis in Mumbai and the remaining ones will be gradually replaced. The company Monday shipped 30 Santro cars to the Mumbai taxi union, and would supply 1,250 vehicles by the year-end.

Santro is a proven and low-maintenance vehicle with lots of interior space. We want to make a breakthrough in the Mumbai taxi market and hope to start it with the Santro,
said D.C. Seol, Hyundai India's senior general manager of sales in a statement.

According to a recent state transport department order, taxis that are over 25 years old will have to be phased out.

Hyundai is offering the Santro cab at a discounted price of Rs.242,500 for the non-air conditioned variant, while the same model costs over Rs.270,000 ex-showroom in Mumbai.(IANS)

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