Tata Nano features including CX, LX model

Standard Tata Nano features

The Standard Tata Nano, its basic model, is likely to be priced at Rs 1.25 lakhs. This will be the most affordable version of the Nano. The Standard Tata Nano will have a speedometer, odometer, folding rear seats, 2-spoke steering wheel, and no airconditioning. It will come in colors such as Bright Red, Ivory White, and Summer Blue.

Deluxe Tata Nano features

The Tata Nano Deluxe variant will come with air-conditioning/heater, body colored bumpers, reclining/adjustable driver and co-driver seat, speedometer, odometer, 2-spoke steering wheel, and folding rear seats. The Tata Nano Deluxe variant will be available in Bright Red, Ivory White, Summer Blue, Champagne Gold, and Lunar Silver. No alloy wheels on this one.

Luxury Tata Nano features

The Luxury variant of the Tata Nano will have alloy wheels, and fog lamps, along with air conditioning, body-colored bumpers, tripmeter, front power windows, 3-Spoke steering wheel, front and rear fog lamps, and central locking. The Tata Nano luxury variant will come in Champagne Gold, Lunar Silver, and Sunshine Silver. For those who have been waiting for a Tata Nano automatic or one with airbags, they are not part of the specifications of any Nano model which would be launched now. As Tata would struggle to meet the demand, it is quite likely that those features are not going to make their appearance till 2010.

Tata Nano: Safety Features

The Tata Nano comes with crumple zones, all sheet-metal body, fuel cut-off in case of collision, intrusion-resistant doors, seat belts, strong seats and anchorages. The tyres are tubeless, and the rear tailgate glass is bonded to the body, you can’t open it. The tubeless tyres are good, but they are really small visually - ride comfort could be an issue. with small tyres on less-than-perfect roads.

Tata Nano: Emission control and Environment Footprint

The Tata Nano promises lower pollution levels compared to two-wheelers made in India, says the company. Tata claims that the Tata Nano offers a high fuel efficiency of 20 km/liter, thereby ensuring low carbon dioxide emissions.
So that’s that with the spec list. Hang on, and visit us again for more on the Nano launch.

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  Tata Nano

April 13, 2009 at 12:10 PM

Not exactly the perfect car to hook chicks with, but it's ok!


April 14, 2009 at 4:03 AM

Good Car for small urban family who can't afford the Luxury ones.

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