which one of these best ? yamaha fz16' yamaha fzs' apache rtr 160

Asked By DEEPAK,

   1.  Yamaha FZ16  ::

Most recently launched bike from yamaha which is become much more popular due to its sporty international look. Talking about the fz16, it is having 153cc engine and produces 14 bhp power. Its maximum speed is about 132 kmph. It has sporty look as well as the performance. Bike's naked shape is most attracting feature. It is having the effects of R1 in its jeans. The price of FZ16 is around 65,000 Rs. (Mumbai ex-showroom price!!) The speedometer and other indicators are completely digital. And it gives you mileage about 45-50 in normal condition. More...

   2.  Yamaha FZ-S ::

It is the variant of FZ16. There is not a big difference in power and style. This new bike comes with a “cap” for the head lamp and new stickers. If you dislike the headlamp of fz16 ( saying that it looks ugly! ), Yamaha fz-s takes care of it. No more power in this one. Its upon you, either to choose fz16 or fz-s!!! More...

   3.  Tvs Apache RTR ::

Apache is the most powerful bike in this segment. It has 160cc engine which produce 16.2 bhp power. the top speed of Apache RTR is 128 kmph. Apache is given very sporty look. It is having the digital speedo. The first 150cc segment bike comes with front and rear disc breaks. Though it has so many extra features from other bikes in its segment, the price of apache is the same as the other bikes. More...

Personally i advise you to choose fz16 or fz-s, because now that is the only trend in current Indian bike market. Secondly It is Yamaha, will give you performance!

It depends upon your requirement, if you want more power you may wait for  new Apache RTR 180!!! And if you are satisfied with 150cc engine i advise you to choose Yamaha!!! All you can do is, Go for test drives, feel the power by your own. also inquire the experience of after sale service of existing users.

Max (Kiran Patel) 

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April 23, 2009 at 11:36 PM

tvs apache is cheaper and might be more fuel efficient


December 22, 2009 at 7:38 PM

apache rocks man more torque than fz ,really fz suffers a real loss of power maybe becauseof its huge tyres apache is more economical and cheaper in fz women have to sit across so cant take ur mom some place..


March 14, 2012 at 3:35 AM

fz rocks!! firstly its from yamaha.. and its got more torque than the apache giving it better acceleration..

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