Bajaj May launch New Discover

As reported by vicky, Bajaj is planning to launch new Discover. Here is shold be mentioned that Bajaj has recently upgraded the entire range of Pulsars, and now its turn of Discover. Bajaj is also thinking to re-launch the 125cc discover, as bajaj xcd is failed to attract people.

I dont no why bajaj is upgrading the old bikes again and again. Discover was upgraded one year ago only! And again re-launch! The time they spend in modifying the existing models, they would have designed A New different model in mean time!!

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March 31, 2010 at 9:41 AM

well its bajaj. feelig the heat after taking the cosumer for ride. instead off relaunching every year or so and making tall claims anout their products. time needs to spend on QUALITY than on QUANTITY.

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