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This f**king error was irritating me since last 2 months!! I was not able to find any solution to stop this error in Web Master Tools. After a very long period of Googling, i found the solution that, "The FeedBurner cause this problem". Immediately i set default Feed URL instead of redirecting it to FeedBurner's Feed URL.

  • LogIn in Blogger Account.
  • Then go to "Settings" Tab.
  • Then Select "Site Feed".
  • And then clear the feed burner's URL from "Post Feed Redirect URL".

If you are having the same problem in WebMaster Tool Dashboard, you may have had redirected yor feed URL to FeedBurners feed url. Just change it!!

I know this is an off-topic post, still i just wanna help those who are also suffering from the same problem or those who dont like any error on their WebMaster Tools DashBoard, just like me!! Have a happy Blogging!!

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