Secure your car with Micro VBB

Micro VBB is the security system, that is installed in your car which prevent any unauthorized access to your car.

MicroVBB is a messaging and Antitheft security system for vehicle with various sensors installed in vehicle.After deploying this interactive system in the vehicle the registered user can control his vehicle by sending described commands to MicroVBB system via SMS.

This technology provides super security to your vehicle that enables the user to detect any access to his vehicle by any other through a SMS on his mobile . The user can send "Locking" instruction to the system ,which will prevent any unauthorized access by an intruder.

In Case Of Theft, authorized person need to send command in prescribed format to the system "EOFF" is the command to stop the Car Engine, "EON" is the command to start the Car Engine. "LOCK" command will lock the doors.

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