Tata Motors reported 65 precent growth in Nov

Tata Motors’ total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in November 2009 were 54,108 vehicles, a growth of 65% over 32,696 vehicles sold in November 2008. The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for November 2009 were 50,114 nos., a 64% growth over 30,556 nos. sold in November last year. The growth in November 2009 has come over low sales in November 2008, impacted by the downturn in the automobile industry during that period.

Cumulative sales (including exports) for the company for the fiscal at 381,003 nos., recorded a growth of 13% over 338,134 nos. sold last year.

Commercial Vehicles

The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in November 2009 in the domestic market were 29,408 nos., a 81% growth compared to 16,229 vehicles sold in November last year. LCV sales were 16,901 nos., a growth of 62% over November last year. M&HCV sales stood at 12,507 nos., a growth of 116% over November last year.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal are 221,649 nos., a growth of 22% over last year. Cumulative LCV sales are 135,804 nos., a growth of 37% over last year, while M&HCV sales stood at 85,845 nos., a growth of 5% over last year.

Passenger Vehicles

The passenger vehicles business reported a total sale and distribution offtake of 22,671 nos. (20,706 Tata - highest this fiscal + 1,965 Fiat) in the domestic market in November 2009, a 55.2% increase compared to 14,612 nos. (14,327 Tata + 285 Fiat) in November last year. Sales of Tata cars, at 18,480 nos. were the highest this fiscal, and grew by 48% over November 2008. The sales of the Tata Nano were 3,406 nos. with deliveries increasing every month since launch. The Indica range sales were 9,111 nos., a growth of 1% over November last year. The Indigo range recorded its highest ever sales of 5,963 nos., a growth of 71.5% over November last year based on the wide acceptance of the newly launched Manza. The Sumo/Safari range accounted for sales of 2,226 nos., a growth of 23% over November last year.

Jaguar Land Rover sales continued their upward trend since launch in June, with November being the highest since launch.

Cumulative sales and distribution offtake of passenger vehicles in the domestic market for the fiscal are 156,364 nos. (139,285 Tata + 17,079 Fiat), against 132,326 nos. (129,270 Tata + 3,056 Fiat) last year, a growth of 18.2%. Cumulative sales of the Nano are 13,924 nos. Cumulative sales of the Indica range at 75,619 nos., reported a growth of 11%. Cumulative sales of the Indigo family are 29,360 nos., lower by 15.6% but the decline is being substantially reduced over the last two months of the Manza launch. Cumulative sales of the Sumo/Safari range are 20,382 nos., lower by 22.8%.


The company's sales from exports at 3,994 vehicles in November 2009 registered a growth of 87% compared to 2,140 vehicles in November last year. The cumulative sales from exports for the fiscal at 20,069 nos. are lower by 28% over 27,741 nos. in the same period last year.

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