which car john rides?

Last Holiday i saw the interview of huge car and bike enthusiast John Abraham, as much time off screen romance with bikes and car as he does with women and Abhisek on screen!!winking

Audi Q7

John owns Audi Q7... John bought the car on his own!! he really proud of her!! john's first car was Tata sierra.. 1997...

Tata Sierra

Next car was toyota prado!!

Toyata Prado

n now john has Audi.. he is fan of Audi. He likes german cars. he loves SUVs and not the simply cars!! all cars are SUVs he bought till now! Aston martin DB9 is his Dream car!! he really like it the most!! John loves alternative rock music on over drives.

Aston Martin DB9


Bajaj ultra low cost bike

Recently i saw on the news channel that bajaj is planning to develop an ultra low cost bike, named as "Steel". bike is expected to have 100cc engine.Waiting for more updates... (Photos from India Bike)


Yamaha Bike Station- Coming soon to Mumbai

Popular Japanese bike maker - Yamaha, which has created shock-waves in the Indian Two-wheeler segment, will unveil its own showroom in Mumbai, which will be named as - ‘The Bike Station’. This new Bike Station is expected to foster Yamaha’s physical presence at dealerships that already exist in other major Indian cities. The new Mumbai Bike Stations are to be located at Bandra and Malad West.

Yamaha has said that the Bike Stations would have on show more than just an array of Yamaha models. Any bike enthusiast who wishes walk in, can get to choose from a wide range of Original Yamaha accessories, and the showroom will also be a place to hang around for sports biking essentials including Yamaha jackets, T-shirts and pants.


Honda Stunner crushed under truck!!

I see this post on some forum.. i was shocked when i saw this! here are pictures of stunner when it is crushed under a truck. Well the bike was parked on the roadside, when a truck went over it. This bike was purchased just 5 days ago and this happened to the beautiful machine. The guy is safe.


Times Drive Episode 4

On Times Drive this week, we play referee as the Mahindra Xylo and the
Toyota Innova duke it out in a fight to the death. Mortal Kombat!
Also, we put together a list of our favourite car chase scenes from
Hollywood, and we hook up with Rock On's Killer Drummer, Purab Kohli


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  • UPDATE ::
Finally I bring her on my blog!!! see juhi pande... of TimesDrive...

juhi pande


Times Drive Episode 3

This week on Times Drive, we take the new Hyundai i20, the new Thunderbird Twinspark, tips on buying a used Hyundia Accent, a chat with Rahul Bajaj and his passion for cars and bikes.

Watch Times Drive every Saturday at 11.30 am and 7.30 pm and on Sunday at 1.30 pm and 6.30 pm on TimesNow Channel.


Times Drive Episode 2

The episode 2 on Times Drive, we take the new Honda City iVTEC out for a nice long drive, give you pointers on buying a pre-owned Scorpio, and movie star and all around bike dude John Abraham chats about his passion for anything with an engine...


Watch Times Drive every Saturday at 11.30 am and 7.30 pm and on Sunday at 1.30 pm and 6.30 pm on TimesNow Channel.


Times Drive Episode 1

On this special, first episode of Times Drive, we race Porsches in Aamby Valley, Arbaaz Khan chats about his first car, and the all-new Mitsubishi Outlander takes to the hills in its toughest challenge yet; two dedicated mountain climbers...


Watch Times Drive every Saturday at 11.30 am and 7.30 pm and on Sunday at 1.30 pm and 6.30 pm on TimesNow Channel.


Hero Honda Karizma versus Pulsar 220

Pulsar 220cc vs Modified Karizma (K&n filter and bigger jets)

Pulsar 220cc Self-check



Hero Honda Karizma Versus Bajaj Avenger

firstly,decide for what purpose do u want the bike?do u want it as a vehicle just for the kicks of fast acceleration? then karizma is your choice...but if u want a bike with superb comfort and an even better suspension...then the answer is obvious...avenger!

karizma is 223 cc
avenger is 200 cc oil cooled (this matters only on long trips and higher rpms)

about raw power,
karizma generates 17 Ps@7000 rpm
avenger generates 17.51 @8000 rpm

so the power in avenger is more...only thing is that since its been configured as a cruiser bike...u wont get the pick of a pulsar etc.


karizma claims 35-40 kmpl... but majority of my frnds having it get about 25-30

avenger here gives me around 35

ohh...and if u are a top speed junky...karizma claims to go 125kmph
avenger claims 115 though on NH17 i have driven it at 130 :)

resale value would be around the same for both the bikes depending on hows the condition of your bike...though karizma has been the same looking since a looong time...so i guess avenger might have a slight edge over this one.

personally speaking...i would go for the avenger...its got style...its cool...and perormance wise its pretty good! =D



Shahid' s cool new sports bike

Shahid loves biking. When he was shooting with Ahmed Khan for Ishq Vishk Pyar Vyar, Shahid would go with him for long bike rides along the Western Express highway. And now, he has gifted himself a new bike but only after his parents approval. Shahid’s new bike is a midnight black, air cooled, sports bike with high torque speed and 1670cc machine, costing around Rs. 15 lakh.

“Shahid chose black as he doesn’t like anything bright, flashy and over the top but rather classy, understated and subtle stuff. He is very possessive about it and insists on cleaning it himself. He has been biking a lot these days especially at nights and also while going for his shoots”