Mercedes M Class in India

Mercedes Benz launched its M-class model in India last month, with better style and value for money. Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, CEO and Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz India said that The new Mercedes M-Class offers best of both the worlds: the highest levels of luxury, comfort and on-road refinement combined with excellent off-road capabilities and best-in-class safety standards. They have maintained the same price for this product despite significant enhancements of equipment, car features and performance… thus making the best value for money offering in this segment...

Mercedes M Class

The new M-Class is available in two engine choices: the ML 320 CDI, featuring a high-torque diesel engine and the ML 350, powered by a high output gasoline engine. The new model now comes loaded with PRE-SAFE system and NECK-PRO as part of Safety Concept. There is plenty of room for the luggage. The car offers comfortable seating for 5. The New M-Class also features as standard, a full-size spare wheel mounted on the rear of the vehicle, a major convenience and car safety advantage in case of a flat tire.(CTI)

Price ::

  • Mercedes ML 350 :: Rs. 53.77 lacs
  • Mercedes ML 320 CDI :: Rs. 54 lacs

Benz launches Special Edition E-Class


The new Tata Xenon XT Details

The new Xenon XT (cross terrain) is a lifestyle pick-up with stylish looks, comfortable interiors and 4×4 off-road capabilities. Xenon XT has an electrical shift-on-the-fly mechanism for the 4×4 application with limited slip differential.

The vehicle has charcoal grey interiors and can comfortably seat five. It offers a loading volume of 870l. It offers car-like comfort and convenience features like power steering, power windows, central locking, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrically adjustable side rear view mirrors and height adjustable seat belts. It also comes equipped with an engine immobiliser, seat belt warning and door open warning, 16-inch alloy wheels and tubeless tyres.

Here's some Features of New TaTa Xenon XT (tatamotors)

  • The new Xenon XT is fitted with the new generation 2.2 L Dicor (Direct injection common rail) engine that is operated by a 32-bit electronic control unit and incorporates state-of-the- art technology. While lowering emission and fuel consumption by a few notches, the new engine delivers an incredible peak power of 140 PS and a maximum torque of 320 Nm.
  • The new 2.2 L Dicor engine is equipped with a specially designed turbocharger using Variable Turbine Technology (VTT). This not only boosts power and torque but also lowers fuel consumption and emission under all operating conditions.
  • Its higher ground clearance, high approach, ramp over, departure angles and the extra grip of the 4WD means you need not stop when the road ends. So no matter what the terrain, the Xenon XT is one Cross Terrain pick up that just doesn't compromise on driveability even while off-roading.
  • The Xenon XT boasts of a versatile dock at the vear which can be put to multiple uses. It can also be covered with a soft or hard lid or even a canopy. So whether you wish to carry flowers or photographic equipment Xenon XT is the perfect choice.


New Yamaha FZ-S AD, Commercial Video

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Tata earns Rs 15 crore through Nano forms

Ratan Tata came with 1 lack car and Tata nano is currently one of the MOST awaited car in india.The booking form of Nano was started from April 9 to April 25 at Rupees 300 each. Tata Motors has sold nearly 500,000 application forms, raking in Rs.15 crore within 15 days of opening the registration process.

tata nano

The number of booking applications received will be announced after a few days of the closure of the booking process on April 25. All the booking applications will be subjected to a computerised random selection procedure. Within 60 days of the closure of bookings on April 25, Tata Motors will process and announce the allotment of 100,000 cars in the first phase of deliveries. Delivery of the car will begin from July.


New Apache RTR 180 Menace :: Video


How To Improve fuel efficiency

Yesterday Someone left a comment on my blog. Here is the content,

      "most people think that by tightning the gas screw we can save fuel but it's just a myth. just consider one thing that if your bike have a rpm (tachometer) than before the low fuel your bike is running 50km/h on 4000rpm than after make it low it will deffinetly comes on 50km/h on 4500 rpm or more so your engine running on high rpm co,pare to fiorst one so just try it. you'll be satishfied guaranteed.
and bu applying a soft suspension(rear) compare to hard you can surely increase your bike's fuel efficiency. from-"


BMW 320d Highline launched in India

BMW has launched the diesel-powered 320d Highline in the Indian market. The car is priced at Rs 30.70 lakh, ex-showroom Delhi. Compared with base model 320d which is priced at Rs 29.70 lakh, the Highline variant gets iDrive functionality, a higher-spec music player, Xenon headlamps, glass roof and lighter alloy wheels.

BMW also sells the petrol-powered 320i and 325i in India. These cars are priced at Rs 27 lakh and Rs 33 lakh respectively. (indiaautomotive)


Difference b/w Girl and Boy

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Honda CR-V 2.4 Details :: Pics, brochure, price

The CR-V was launched in India as a premium SUV. It met with immediate success as it offered all the practicalities of big SUV combined with car like maneuverability. With an 8 way electrically adjustable driver's seat, 6-CD inbuilt music system and a dual zone air on the CR-V is loaded to the gills. with 2.4 litre engine putting out 161 PS at 5800 rpm and 218 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. (ET)


  • Inline 4 cylinder ,i-VTEC
  • Type: DOHC 4-valves per cy linder
  • Displacement: 2354cc
  • Max power: 161PS@ 5800 rpm
  • Max Torque: 218Nm@ 4200 rpm
  • Transmission: 5-speed auto/6-speed manual
  • Steering: Collapsible, Hydraulic Power Assisted
  • Brakes (F,R): Ventilated Disc, Drums
  • Tyres: 225 /65 R17
  • LxWxH: 4530x1820x1680 mm
  • Kerb weight: 1565g

  • 0-100 km/h: 10.20 seconds
  • Top speed: 178 km/h
  • Fuel Efficiency: 7.9kmpl

  • Honda CR-V 2007 2.4 AT : Rs. 20,56,100
  • Honda CR-V 2007 2.4 MT : Rs. 19,82,700


Bajaj loses market share in 2008-09

bajaj logo
Bajaj Auto Ltd. was the biggest loser across all segments. Bajaj is now closer to losing its number two position in the two-wheeler segment. Hero Honda and Hyundai Motors emerged as the two clear gainers in market share in 2008-09.

In the passenger car space, the top three - Maruti, Hyundai Motors and Tata Motors - moved even further apart from the rest in a market that tilted more towards small cars.

Maruti improved its share marginally to 52.21% while Hyundai, still basking in the success of the i10 model, cornered 20.01% of the pie. In 2007-08, Hyundai Motors had a market share of 17.97%.

hero honda logoTalking about Hero Honda, Against a share of 44.78% in 2007-08, the company now has a share of 48.95% in the two-wheeler segment and an even higher 59.77% in motorcycles.This gain is likely beacose of the losing impact of Bajaj. Bajaj’s share has shrunk to 17.29% in 2008-09. TVS Motors and HMSI are breathing down its neck with 15.28% and 13.66% respectively. (autoindia)



Volkswagen Golf :: World Car of the Year

Volkswagen Golf was awarded with the ‘World Car of the Year 2009’ at the New York auto show. Volkswagen Golf beat Ford Fiesta and Toyota iQ in the last voting compiled by the international accounting firm KPMG. The Golf is also available with the firm’s new 2.0-litre common-rail diesel motor with either 108 or 138hp. This year’s initial list began with 51 entries from the world’s automakers, whittled down on the basis of merit, value, safety, environment, significance and emotional appeal. (CTI)


Honda CBF Stunner :: Latest Prices – EX-Showroom And On-Road

City Model Prices
Ex-Showroom On-Road
Ahmedabad CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 51,301  Rs. 55,076
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 53,107  Rs. 56,995
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 48,880  Rs. 52,503
Amreli CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,168  Rs. 55,986
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,362  Rs. 54,067
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,941  Rs. 51,494
Anand CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,765  Rs. 51,307
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,186  Rs. 53,880
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,992  Rs. 55,799
Bardoli CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,928  Rs. 51,481
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,155  Rs. 55,972
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,349  Rs. 54,053
Bharuch CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,278  Rs. 53,979
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,858  Rs. 51,405
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,084  Rs. 55,898
Bhavnagar CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,835  Rs. 51,381
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,256  Rs. 53,954
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,061  Rs. 55,873
Gandhi Nagar CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,689  Rs. 51,227
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,110  Rs. 53,800
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,916  Rs. 55,719
Gandhidham CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,415  Rs. 54,124
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,221  Rs. 56,043
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,995  Rs. 51,551
Godhra CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,996  Rs. 55,804
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,770  Rs. 51,312
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,191  Rs. 53,885
Himmatnagar CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,864  Rs. 55,663
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,058  Rs. 53,744
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,637  Rs. 51,171
Jamnagar CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,374  Rs. 54,081
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,954  Rs. 51,507
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,180  Rs. 56,000
Junagarh CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,211  Rs. 56,032
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,405  Rs. 54,113
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,984  Rs. 51,539
Mehsana CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,114  Rs. 53,804
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,920  Rs. 55,723
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,693  Rs. 51,231
Nadiad CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,976  Rs. 55,782
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,170  Rs. 53,863
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,749  Rs. 51,291
Navsari CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,969  Rs. 51,524
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,390  Rs. 54,097
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,196  Rs. 56,016
Palanpur CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,634  Rs. 51,169
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 51,861  Rs. 55,660
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,055  Rs. 53,741
Rajkot CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,877  Rs. 51,426
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,104  Rs. 55,918
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,298  Rs. 53,999
Surat CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 48,560  Rs. 52,151
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,786  Rs. 56,644
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,981  Rs. 54,725
Surendranagar CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,804  Rs. 51,348
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,225  Rs. 53,922
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,031  Rs. 55,841
Vadodara CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 48,012  Rs. 51,570
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,433  Rs. 54,142
CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,239  Rs. 56,061
Vapi CBF STUNNER Self-Disc-Alloy  Rs. 52,219  Rs. 56,040
CBF STUNNER Kick-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 47,992  Rs. 51,548
CBF STUNNER Self-Drum-Alloy  Rs. 50,413  Rs. 54,121

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