Limited edition chevrolet captiva xtreme :: price, specs, Details

chevrolet captiva 2010, new limited edition captiva

It comes with new level of power, styling and luxury. New stylish dashboard and instrument cluster. Red and black seat, new front bumper grille, black bezel headlamps. new rear lamps and all new sun-roof.

chevrolet captiva 2010, new limited edition chevrolet

Digital odometer that gives information on speed of car.
Trip meter and timer to keep track on distance dovered
Disctance calculator, Mileage reader, Digital compass
Digital air-flow display
Outside and cabin temperature indicator

Other features include,
Automatic level ride control
Automatic transmission
All wheel Drive

Chevrolet Captiva has ex-showroom price - delhi :

Chevrolet Captiva LT - Rs 1,790,402.00
Chevrolet Captiva LTZ - Rs 1,952,980.00
Chevrolet Captiva Xtreme - Rs 1,862,396.00

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