Honda CB Unicorn Price in Hyderabad, pondicherry, Gurgaon

CB Unicorn is powered with Honda 4-stroke, 150cc engine and incorporates many cutting-edge technologies developed by Honda’s global R&D team. It sets new benchmark in the uppper majority motorcycle segment in India with its swift acceleration, superior mileage, international styling, riding comfort and convenience.

New 2010 Honda CB Unicorn Price In Hyderabad, pondicherry, Delhi, Pune

CB Unicorn is engineered and styled for the taste of the younger generation. With the 4-stroke, 150cc engine delivering a whooping 13.3 bhp, CB Unicorn is the fastest motorcycle in India racing from 0 to 60 kms* per hour in a mere 5 seconds. It has a distinctive sporty and macho design with a racy front face, masculine fuel tank with knee grip and a sleek rear cowl.

CB Unicorn offers perfect balance of pickup and mileage, delivering 60 kmpl through its famed 4-stroke Honda engine, cutting edge technologies like Multi-Mapping CDI, Tumble Flow Combustion Chamber, Roller Rocker arm, and a Classy Aerodynamic Body.

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Delhi CB Unicorn Rs. 59,697 Rs. 64,737*

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Hyderabad CB Unicorn Rs. 62,148 Rs. 69,060*

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Gurgaon CB Unicorn Rs. 59,877 Rs. 61,886*

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Bangalore CB Unicorn Rs. 61,895 Rs. 71,466*

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Ahmedabad CB Unicorn Rs. 62,639 Rs. 67,126*

Ex-Showroom On-Road
Puducherry (Py) CB Unicorn Rs. 56,942 Rs. 58,789*

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