No Discount in this festival season for car buyers?

Looking at the huge demand for cars and the slow supply and waiting period of car deliveries, car makers will likely not ready to give discounts on car purchases. People who were waiting for the festival season to make their purchase, might get disappointed.

Hyundai and Maruti are working on increasing their production capacity so that they can meet the demand. The discounts on festival season is decreasing over the years. And this year, there is a price hike in fuel, cars are more costly, and still there is a huge demands for cars.

toyota innova india
Toyota Innova

Of course some of the companies are giving discounts on their cars, like Toyota will give discount of 30,000 on its MUV, Toyota Innova. Honda Will give discount on Honda Jazz. Maruti Suzuki will offer discount on new models, and there will be no price hike.

Honda Jazz India
Honda Jazz India

Companies are giving discounts but it will be less compared to previous years.

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