BMW launches BMW X3 : Price, Variants, Features and other details

BMW has launched its new mid-size luxury SUV, BMW X3 in Pune, India. It is placed above its cheapest luxury SUV X1 whose price starts with 22 lakhs.

2011 BMW X3 Price In India

BMW X3 is placed to complete with Audi Q7 and is priced between 42 lakh to 48 lakh. BMW X3 has stunning look, high-quality leather and textile interior in various color options [satin silver, aluminium or fine wood ], Steptronic 8-speed automatic transmission with Auto Start Stop function, xDrive - BMW xDrive is able to recognise difficult road surface through sensors in the DSC chassis control system, and reacts in a fraction of a second.

Engines :
Straight six-cylinder diesel in the BMW xDrive30d. BMW straight six-cylinder diesel engine delivers generous power with miserly fuel consumption. Its cultivated 190 kW (258 hp).

2011 BMW X3 Price In India - Interior

Steptronic 8-speed automatic transmission with Auto Start Stop function. The BMW X3 makes efficiency audible: at higher speeds, you can hear how the 8-speed automatic transmission keeps engine speeds lower. And when you pull up, you'll hear how Auto Start Stop turns off the engine to prevent waste. For lovers of efficient and dynamic driving, it's music to your ears.

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