Mahindra SUV named as XUV500 : set to launch in late 2011

Mahindra is testing its new upcoming SUV, which is named as XUV500, as many blogs report, is planned to make its appearance in india in late 2011. It will be priced somewhere between 12 lakh to 16 lakh.

Mahindra To launch new SUV : XUV5OO [W201]
Mahindra new SUV : XUV5OO [W201]

Above is the image of "Mahindra XUV500", found on internet.

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April 15, 2012 at 10:52 PM

It is a wonderful upcoming SUV and even the price is not so high, that’s another amazing thing. Its sporty look can beat any other vehicle in the market. Mahindra could also help you get the custom built cars of your choice.

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