There should be sign of "Potholes Ahead" on roads!

Potholes are so common on indian roads that they need signs to alert vehicles, "slow down, there are f*ckin' potholes ahead!"

Here in ahmedabad, there is noway you go beyond 60 kmph. There is a lot more traffic on main roads and if there is no traffic, there will be potholes to slow you!

A road just front of my apartment is full of potholes. One pulsar lose his gear pedal because of its owners fault. (I don't know how he managed to go home without gear pedal after that accident!) A scooter carrying 3 persons on it, stopped in the middle of road because of potholes. (After this, Strangely, All passengers started walking out of road as if nothing has happened!) Many times oldies going on this road lose their balance on vehicles due to these potholes. Many times there are chances of accident people want to avoid potholes and go from the wrong side.

Just imagine a guy riding his brand new sports bike at high speed on this road! God help him!

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