Maruti Suzuki to go for second Diesel engine plant

Maruti suzuki said they might set up new diesel engine manufacturing plant if new budget does not increase tax on diesel cars. Government might impose tax on diesel cars to reduce subsidized fuel consumption [diesel!].

Maruti Suzuki Swift Sports 2012

There are almost 80 percent diesel cars in total sales of swift, Dzire, SX4 and others. In new budget if there is no bad news about diesel car manufacturers, maruti-suzuki will think ahead about their second diesel engine plant in india. As we all know, diesel is subsidized fuel, hike in diesel price will cause hike in almost everything. Most of the FMCG depends upon transportation running on diesel. But again, there is huge increase in diesel cars buyers as the price of petrol is too high compared to diesel. Government might do something about this.

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