Learning How to Drive Car : Day 1

I just joined motor driving school in ahmedabad to learn how to drive a car. It was first day today, instructor told about some basic things for getting started with it.

  • First he told me what are three pedals at foots. He told me in very easy way, starting from right leg, it is "A-B-C", meaning starting from right to left its, "Accelerator-Brake-Clutch"
  • He told me to check these things before starting driving everyday,
    1. Adjust Seat alignment to make sure you are comfortable enough to use Accelerator-Brake-Clutch
    2. Adjust side mirror and mirror inside the car
    3. Center lock the car
    4. Make sure handbrake is released
    5. Make sure car is in neutral
    6. Wear Seat-belt

  •

Why diesel cars are costly / expensive than the petrol?

I was wondering why diesel cars are more expensive than the petrol cars, is it because most of the indian public buy diesel cars and manufacturers are getting benefit from huge demand!?!

Well, its not like that. If you consider Petrol engine, the petrol engine is easy to build up, and need no compression to burn the fuel [petrol]. Petrol engines are clearer than the diesel one, and leaves less carbon in air. Petrol engines need low maintenance.

Honda CR-V India

Honda has Only petrol cars in India


Toyota Avanza Spotted in Ahmedabad

I saw Toyota Avanza in Ahmedabad this sunday. I was socked while looking at it. It was short in length compared to Toyota Innova but it was really huge.

I am not sure if Toyota Avanza has arrived in India as there is no news of it. I couldn't take picture of it, but i am sure it was Toyota Avanza.

2012 Toyota Avanza in India Ahmedabad


Renault SUV Koleos : Price, Details

Renault has launched its second car in India. This time it is an SUV, called "Koleos". Koleos comes with only one variant, that is 2 litre turbo diesel engine, which produces 150 ps of power @ 4000 rpm and has top speed of 180 kmph. Diesel engine is able to generate 320 Nm @ 2000 rpm of torque. This versions comes fully loaded, with option to ride car in 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel automatic.

Renault Koleos Price In India