End of a Legend! Honda Accord to discontinue

Honda has decided to stop Honda Accord in India. This is second bad news after the discontinuation of Honda Civic in India. The only reason why Honda wants to discontinue its premium cars is the lack of diesel engine in India. Its not like Honda has no diesel engine, it runs diesel engine globally, but those diesel engines are not compatible with poor quality diesel in India.

2012 Honda Accord V6 Price India

So, Sadly, this is the end of a legend! Honda cars were popular for their perfect man-maximum-machine-minimum-design, classy exteriors and for up to the mark technology.

People stopped buying Honda Premium Cars like Accord, Honda CRV and Honda Civic due to petrol price hike. They have no diesel option. Honda Accord is imported as CBU completely-built-unit in India. Honda has already decided to stop production of Accord 2012, as New Honda Accord 2013 is already launched. In such circumstances, importing 2013 model as CBU would be costlier than the existing 2012 model.

However, good news is that, Honda would be launching their first diesel car, Honda Brio Diesel in India soon.

Price of 2012 Honda Accord In Ahmedabad, Gujarat ex showroom.

Accord 2.4 M/T : Rs. 2,046,500
Accord 2.4 A/T : Rs. 2,125,600
Accord 3.5 V6 : Rs. 2,755,236

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