Upcoming 2013 : Tata Nano Diesel : Price Details

Tata launched a car for indian people, for those who want a small car, in really small budget. The only problem with this car was there's only petrol version is available. A big problem! Petrol prices are increasing in India and no one wants to buy petrol car anymore! Be it Tata Nano, or be it Mercedes! Tata Nano's monthly sales has dropped to 6000 units per month which is way below to the expected target 20,000. So, Tata has decided to gift a new small car to india, and what is better then the diesel version of existing Tata Nano ?!

Tata Nano Diesel Price India

Tata Nano diesel could have 700cc twin cylinder, common rail direct injection engine. Reference, Read more.. Tata Nano Diesel India Price

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September 10, 2012 at 11:02 PM

we are 1st test drive nano diesel

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