Car Prices to go up in 2013

While Tata has announced great discounts on its car this December, other Car manufacturers in India is planning to hike price of their cars in 2013.

Maruti Suzuki has planned to increase prices of all of its cars due to fluctuation in currency and to reduce margins. However the sales of Maruti Suzuki has gone up by 12 to 38 [export] percent, Maruti Suzuki has witnessed around 5 percent of fall in its profit in second quarter.

Along with Maruti Suzuki, Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen and general motors are also planning to hike their car prices.

On top of that, [not official] Delhi government is planning to put extra tax on both petrol and diesel cars, to reduce emission. It says 10% on petrol and 20% on diesel cars tax would be imposed every year. It is yet to be announced i think.

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