Which car to buy? Diesel or Petrol?!

Petrol price is increasing and it has no limit. Petrol car are cheaper to buy but maintaining daily usage is costly. On one hand, Honda only manufactures petrol cars, as they are more refined and more powerful, they don't have any diesel cars in india, People tend to buy diesel cars, concerning the increasing prices of petrol and cng fuel.

I would talk about few scenarios here.

As the petrol price is on top, people are thinking about the alternatives. Diesel is the most common one! For your information, cars take less then 10 percent of total consumption of diesel fuel (at the time of this writing!). Rest of the diesel is consumed by transporters (trucks, buses, tractors), machines used in farms and other machines used in rural areas. Government is planning tax on diesel cars to reduce numbers. Diesel cars are getting costlier and petrol prices are already high, i don't think it is good idea to buy car in near future.

which car to buy? Diesel or Petrol?!


Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Launched! : Price Details.

Bajaj has launched much awaited pulsar, Pulsar 200NS in india with the price tag of rupees 84,100.

It uses some advanced technology. Three spark plugs provide unprecedented performance and efficiency - Fast and optimal combustion at part load conditions results in better fuel efficiency and ensures lower emissions.

2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS : Details and Price