TVS Wego User Review : mileage, service

Ranil wrote about TVS Wego here, thought i should share it with you.

TVS Wego User Review, mileage, service, performance
TVS Wego User Review, mileage, service, performance

Being the best designed bike in 2011, I thought wego will be the scooter killer.

But I was WRONG.

Until the 3rd service, bike ran smoothly. Average 40Kmpl. One shot self start…etc After 8 months of usage, I’m starting to think what crap have I spent my money on….

Extrememly poor milage. Full tank & investigated, it ran total 130Km only (which is just 26Kmpl). Mind you, this is ZERO traffic during a weekend.

So called maintenance free battery died and I have to work on kick start. Self start is no more.

In traffic, the engine goes off for no reason & it takes 30-40 kicks to get the engine back on running, given that the vehicle behind you just did not run over you… I was verbaly abused by so many cops & drivers for being a traffic maker…

Even TVS head office service team has no answer to the issues.

I’ve made a mistake. You make sure you don’t make too…


Honda is all set to launch Honda Brio Diesel

Honda is all set to launch its first diesel car in India. Honda has been spotted testing Diesel Brio on highways. Honda has planned to launch Diesel Brio in 2013, but seeing the demand for diesel cars after petrol price hike, it will launch Diesel Brio in this Diwali.

Honda Brio Diesel Launch Date : Price India

Price of Brio Diesel is not declared yet, but as the petrol Brio cost around 5.3 lakh on road, Diesel variant would cost 1.2 to 1.5 lakh more, that is 6.5 lakh to 6.8 lakh for top end variant.


Mahindra small car in India.

ever wondered why there is no small car from mahindra?! Mahindra has product range from scooters to trucks and is now is planning to launch small car with price range of 2.5 to 3.5 lakh. Though the news is too old, around August 2011. Mahindra has already invested 800 crore in plant to manufacture small car.

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