Important Things you Should Know about Car Insurance Quotes : Aditorial

Have you ever wondered how insurance companies figure out your car insurance premium? Many factors go into the price they finally decide to charge you for the coverage you select. Understanding how they figure your rates can help you save money and know what to expect as you move forward with a policy. Here are some of the important factors that affect how much you pay for insurance:


Ford EcoSport Arrives in showroom

Team BHP has spotted ford EcoSport in mumbai showroom. It is the third location where EcoSport has arrived in India, after Delhi and chennai.

Ford Ecosport price india


Nissan Hikes Prices of Cars in India

Nissan has increased prices of its cars - Sunny, Evalia and Micra. Price of Nissan Micra is increased by 1.5 percent, Price of Nissan Sunny is increased by 2 percent and Price of Nissan Evalia is increased by 2.5 percent.

The price rise, which Nissan has held back for several months, is to offset rising input costs and also ease the impact of currency fluctuation. Although Nissan has to make this adjustment, Nissan cars continue to represent outstanding value for customers within the Indian market.

Nissan Micra Price India