Yamaha Fazer Version 2.0 Fi : Starting Problem Solution

Dear Guys, What i noticed from your posts that many of you face the problem of starting, fuel meter and gear shifting. Let me tell u the solution for your problems. First of all myself is a diploma in automobile and b tech in mechanical engg with 8yrs exp. in various auto sector and currently working with the WIRTGEN GROUP. The starting problem solution is never accelerate while you press the self button as its a fi engine as it over fuels the engine thereby causing starting problem. The second problem is fuel meter - always ride for at least one km to know the amount of fuel in the tank as its digitally designed which works on the principle of variable resistance type which is actuated by a float control. To know the amount of fuel you have in the tank divide the tank capacity with 6 no of bars that give the amount of fuel for each bar(digitally designed). As its having constant mesh gearbox double de clutching is the right way to drive as per the mechanical engg syllabus. Think this may improve your way to drive the yamaha. HAVE A SAFE AND PLEASURE DRIVE WITH YOUR YAMAHA.



Honda Trigger Silencer Color fade away Problem : Solution

well as i have completed 16000 there is no problem as too much.But friends if there is silencer fade away problem go in market purchase the AEROSOL Spray paint accordance urs colour choice its cost rs 70 for 500 ml.Paint works very well nd works for 5 months easily. and where ever the scratches are coming u can apply it.. Now secondly the problem of vibrations and mileage so first replace the ngk spark plug normal conventional cpr8ea-9 with NGK G Power cpr8ea-gp9 u will increase throttle reponse good starting pickup nd decrease vibrations .spark plug cost 170 rs only. now secondly keep bike rpm at 1.5 ur staring wiil be gud. nw if u have the problem of back pain just go nd get modified ur seat with good dunlop nd aftrr that the ride will be easier nd comfortable.Me cost rs 350 over all . nd friends if u have heating problems pls try the castrol gtx engine oil rating 20w40 it will last longer nd bike will be smooth.hope my review will be helpful

- Abhishek