Eider Motors Bikes India

Eider motors in Hyderabad based bike company which manufactures some awesome motorcycles and scooters. They have different taste and you should like that. Its something different.

Edier Motors has launched 3 vehicles in India, 2 Bikes and 1 Scooters. I am not sure why they do not advertise their awesome products. Neither their website is upto date, no proper bike details, no news, nothing! [Inputs needed here!]

Anyways 2 bikes include,

1. Eider Ruddy : 150cc cruiser bike
2. Eider Dronzer : 150cc naked bike

And one retro look scooter,
1. Eider Leora – 125cc vintage scooter

For Eider Motors Bike launch details, specifications, bike range, price, mileage

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