New launch 2010 : Hyundai Launches new i20

Hyundai has launched new variants of Compact car Hyundai i20. Demand for small and compact car is getting up in indian market. A new variant will be cheaper than the earlier one. Hyundai has cut off up to rupees 40,000 for this new variant. This is might because of the warm caused by the new cars launched in 2010.

The new variant is called Hyundai i20 Era and it is priced at 4.5 lakh ex-showroom price delhi. It will become entry level model. Company has also launched three more variants of i20 which is Asta - it is a top end model and will have price tag of 7.5 lakh, while Magna will be priced around 4.9 lakh. Another variant, called sportz will have price tag of 5.3 lakh.

We know there is a demand for small segment cars and hyundai has a good share in sales. Hyundai sales 4000 i20 cars in a month. This might grow up the sales figure.

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April 12, 2010 at 6:17 AM

Yes, indeed a beautiful way for the i20 to be reborn as the two new, dashing models.

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