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March sales for Bajaj Auto's two and three wheelers dropped

Bajaj Auto indicate that the month of March saw a 14.40 percent drop - from the earlier-year figures of 1,54,443 units to 1,32,210 units. The drop in March motorcycle sales happens to be lower than the December levels, when the company sold merely 61,546 units.


Cheapest Car Renault Yeni: soon in India

As i stated earlier, all other big players are also planning to launch cheaper car in India soon.

The cheapest car available soon in India by the collaboration of RENAULT and Mahindra. The car will cost around Rs 1,30,000 which will compete TATA mini car.. These will effect the sale of bikes because these mini cars are much efficient and fuel effective and cost little more then a bike so every one would like to buy car rather than a bike.


Top Speed of Bikes!!!

I make a simple survey to check and compare the top speed of indian bikes. I used to read blogs to get information about these bikes top speed. Here is the listing indicating the top speed of indian bikes...


Yamaha MT-01 SP Limited Edition

Yamaha MT-01 SP Limited Edition Official Picture

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Maruti to launch compact car Ritz in March April 2009

Maruti Suzuki will launch its global car Ritz, April. The mass market car will be launched in the popular small car segment with a 1.2 liter KB series petrol and 1.3 liter multijet diesel engine simultaneously.

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Skoda launched upgraded version of Superb.

Maruti Suzuki Ritz Launch date is not been finalized till yet, but expected that Maruti Ritz Launch date will be around march-april 2009. Maruti Ritz Price will be around Rs 4-5 Lakh.

The Ritz will be positioned between the A-star and the Swift, and will counter Hyundai’s i10 and i20, Skoda’s Fabia, Ford’s Fusion, Fiat’s Palio and Tata Motors’ Indica Vista.


Bajaj patent does not impacts TVS Business

... said TVS Motors.

CHENNAI: After the twin-spark plug technology patent war between TVS Motor and Bajaj Auto, the southern two-wheeler major has gone on record
stating that it has not infringed on the ExhauTEC patent granted to Bajaj Auto last month. TVS Motor has noted the patent had no impact on its business.

"The patent granted to Bajaj Auto is for ExhausTEC, which is a chamber fitted on the exhaust pipe. It has nothing to do with DTSi twin spark technology. They are two separate patents and are not linked to each other," the company said in a release here on Friday.

Contending that there is no correlation between ‘DTSi twin spark’ technology and ‘ExhausTEC,’ TVS Motor sought to point out that they are two independent technologies with separate patents and these technologies are not used by TVS Motor Company in any of its products.

DTSi technology involves the use of two spark plugs in the cylinder head, which is part of the engine, it said.
‘ExhausTEC’ is not fitted on the engine but is fitted in the exhaust pipe and refers to an additional chamber (box) that is created in the exhaust pipe through which exhaust gases are dispensed.

Bajaj Auto filed the ‘ExhausTEC’ patent in 2004 and the subsequent patent application was published in the Indian Patent Gazette in 2007. TVS Motor opposed this in the Indian Patent Office. It was only due to TVS Motors opposition that Bajaj had to amend their claims and the claim as amended was subsequently granted to Bajaj, the release further noted.

The Indian Patent Office granted Bajaj Auto a patent for its ExhausTEC invention vide Patent no 231498 dated March 5, 2009. This grant was published in Patent Gazette dated March 27, 2009, a release from Bajaj said.


ex-showroom Price of TaTa Nano in Your City...

Trim level/ Variant
Ex Showroom Pant Nagar Ex Showroom
Ex Showroom Mumbai
 Tata Nano Std (BS2 )  Rs.1,12,735/-
 Tata Nano Std (BS3 )  Rs.1,20,960/- Rs.1,23,360/- Rs.1,34,250/-
Tata Nano CX Solid Paint (BS2)  Rs.1,39,780/-
Tata Nano CX Metallic Paint (BS2) Rs.1,42,780/-
Tata Nano CX Solid Paint (BS3) Rs.1,45,725/- Rs.1,48,360/- Rs.1,60,320/-
Tata Nano CX Metallic Paint (BS3) Rs.1,48,725/- Rs.1,51,360/- Rs.1,63,320/-
Tata Nano LX Metallic Paint (BS3) Rs.1,70,335/- Rs.1,72,360/- Rs.1,85,375/-

Price List
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Mahindra Xylo Commercial

Mahindra has launched very nice commercial for mahinda Xylo. Here it is...


Bajaj gets patent for EshausTEC technology

2 April :: Bajaj today said it has received a patent for a new technology, which has been a bone of contention with rival TVS Motor Co.

"The Indian Patent Office granted Bajaj Auto a patent for its 'ExhausTEC' invention vide Patent No 231498 dated March 5, 2009. This grant was published in Patent Gazette, dated March 27, 2009," Bajaj Auto Ltd (BAL) Vice-President (Business Development) S Ravikumar said.

Bajaj Auto claimed that ExhausTEC significantly improves low- and mid-range torque (tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis) in a single cylinder four stroke engine, employing a chamber of predetermined volume attached to the exhaust pipe.


Yamaha YZF R15 Features


First India-made model with cooling method in the Indian market! Liquid-cooled engines provide stable performance, reduce vibrations, and offer a high quality ride.
yamaha yzf r15 engine
DiASil Cylinder

The DiASil Cylinder was born from YAMAHA’s world-class aluminum die casting technology.

DiASil Cylinders are all-aluminum cylinders made by YAMAHA’s proprietary aluminum die casting technology. An aluminum alloy with 20% silicon content is used to create a very hard, reliable cylinder surface, making conventional iron sleeves obsolete. As a result, the entire cylinder can be made of aluminum, a better conductor of heat, which means the cylinder delivers better heat dissipation and less weight. (Aluminum’s heat conductivity is 3.1 times that of iron.)
yamaha yzf r15 engine
Fuel Injection

Fuel injection is used to ensure excellent fuel efficiency as well as environmental friendliness.

The two components of the fuel injection mechanism used in YZF-R15, a) the sensors that gather information on the engine’s operation, and b) the fuel supply system that supplies gasoline, have both been designed to be lightweight and simple. The sensor component uses only 4 sensors (Red blinking points) to gather large amounts of information relating to engine operations, which is sent to a small 26-pin ECU, which in turn calculates the optimum fuel supply. The fuel supply component consists of a small, fuel pump, modularized regulator and filter, and a small injector, all of which come together to enable a lightweight, compact form. The injector injects finely atomized spray of fuel through 6 hole type injectors.

In order to maximize the efficiency of the fuel injector, which injects the optimum amount of fuel for different amounts of intake air, YZF-R15 is equipped with a large 3-liter air cleaner. The duct area of the intake duct was designed optimally to optimize the flow of intake air.

The use of a 4-valve combustion chamber (a combustion chamber with 2 intake and exhaust valves each) has allowed designers to layout the spark plug at the center of the combustion chamber for better flame propagation.

In addition, the intake and exhaust valve angles have been kept small to achieve optimum combustion chamber configuration. Yamaha aimed at minimizing the surface area/volume ration (S/V ratio) in the combustion chamber, which is key to improving fuel efficiency.
yamaha yzf r15 engine

Humachine Technology

A sharp form that cuts through air. Inheriting the “R series” gene.

YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 are equipped with under cowls that are based on the image of a diffuser, to give them the best form for aero-management. These are not cowls for simply enclosing the engine, but forms composed of blade surfaces that actively control airflow. This spirit has been directly inherited by YZF-R15.
yamaha yzf r15 engine


Hero Honda Passion Pro Details :: Price, Specification, Pictures


  • Displacement: 97.2cc
  • Engine: Air Cooled
  • Maximum Power: 7.4 Bhp @ 8000rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 7.95 Nm @ 5000rpm
  • Gears: 4 Speed
  • Clutch: Multi Plate Wet
  • Bore: 50
  • Stroke: 49.50
  • Chassis Type: Tubular Double cradle
  • Cooling Type: Air Cooling
  • Suspension(Front): Telescopic Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Suspension(Rear): Swing Arm With Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers
  • Brakes: Internal Expanding Shoe
  • Brakes(Rear): Internal Expanding Shoe

Hero Honda has priced the Passion Pro Power Start at Rs 44,000 ex-showroom Delhi.


Honda Motorcycles to stop production of Eterno

Earlier... Hero Electric Optima Specs

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India said it will stop production of its geared scooter Eterno after June. The company expects that it will be able to upgrade its existing geared scooter customer to its new launched gearless scooter Activa.

“Eterno sales have been falling. Customers prefer gearless scooters due to their convenience and better mileage. The new Activa comes at the same price and offers a similar mileage,” said Mr Naresh Rattan, who heads marketing and sales at HMSI.

The new version of Activa is priced at Rs 39,800.


Sell Your Used Bike



Kawasaki ZX-12R Details

Kawasaki ZX 12 R is a best loved sports bike, which could, by all the way, be called a super bike. The attractive feature make the popularity of the model sky high. Strong and beautiful body, powerful engine to give the performance more than your expectations, safety measure to ensure you commute on it safely and comfortably etc... make the bike a best seller and most wanted.

The liquid-cooled, 1199 cm3 DOHC, 16-valve 4-cylinder engine produces more horsepower than any other machine in its category. New crankshaft has larger flywheels and approximately 20% more inertia for smoother off-idle acceleration and an improved power feel during highway cruising. The direct valve actuation with crowned lifters to equalise pressure across the cam lobes and reduce tear and wear. Narrow valve angles (IN=12°, EX=13°) are the same as those on the 6R and 9R and ensure a highly efficient combustion chamber shape. The machine produces a maximum power of 131 kW (178 PS)/ 10,500 rpm. With Ram Air 140 kW {190 PS}/ 10,500 rpm the maximum torque is 134 N·m (13.7 kgf·m)/ 7,500 rpm.


Hero Electric Optima Specs & Prices


Range/Autonomy:70 km/charge
Top Speed:25 km/h
Weight:65 kg, max load 90kg
Battery Charging Time6 to 8 Hrs
Motor:Rear wheel hub motor
Batteries:Sealed Lead Acid, 48V 20AH
Wheels:16" x 3", alloy wheel

Prices in Different places:
North Zone
  • Delhi: 24550Rs
  • Chandigarh:31400Rs
  • Haryana: 31400 Rs
  • Punjab:31400 Rs

East Zone
  • Rajasthan:31400 Rs
  • Uttar Pradesh: 31400Rs
  • Bihar: 31900 Rs
  • Jharkhand:31900Rs
  • Orissa: 30400 Rs
  • Assam:31400 Rs