Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS or 220 F? Which one to buy.

I have been helping a friend choosing his next bike. He was sure about pulsar and didn't want to go for any other Company in same range. But he was confused between 200NS and 220F. He liked look of 220 very much but also liked technology of 200 NS. So here what i experienced while test drive both the bikes.

About Pulsar 220F : Pulsar 220F has unique look, DTSi technology is also good. Its engine produces 21 bhp of power and gives mileage of approx 35-40 kmpl. While test driving, i found 220F quite comfortable as compared to 220F, but it was because i used to drive pulsar 150 and seating position is somewhat similar to that. 220F comes with disc brakes both front and rear and tubeless tyres. both telescopic suspensions, Nitrox at rear.

About Pulsar 200NS : At the other hand, bajaj has built the whole new world with its Pulsar 200NS. With 3 spark plugs, 4 valve, liquid cooled, 199cc SOHC engine is tuned to produce 23.5 bhp of power. Almost same mileage as of 220, that is 35-40. Its pedal disc brake is better than 220F's disc brakes, which helps braking to be effective. Dealer told me that seating position in 200 is better that 220. It has wider tyres, top speed almost same as 220F. Naked look is good if you like it. Rear nitrox monosock suspension is better that 220F's nitrox telescopic suspension.

In any aspect, 200 NS is superior over 220 F, be it technology, be it handling, be it styling. Pulsar 220 NS is 4k expensive.

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