cheapest car :: Suzuki Maruti 800

Launched in 1983, the compact Maruti 800 with a 796-cc gasoline engine was the smallest car ever to hit Indian roads. Made by Suzuki Motors in partnership with the Indian government at a plant in Gurgaon, outside New Delhi, the Maruti has been the king of the small-car market. Nobody has been able to beat the four-door, 3.3m long, 650kg. M-800 on price.

With a current price tag of $4,400(app 2 lakh) and up, it was the dream drive for middle-class Indians. Suzuki has done little to tweak the design of the fuel-efficient-15 km a liter (roughly 36 mpg)-vehicle. Maruti has been saying that it’s phasing out the M-800 for some time now.

But with Tata’s $2,200(approximately 1 lakh) car expected in 2008, there’s talk that the M-800 price will be slashed to take on the new competitor. Its clientele has largely been buyers upgrading from two-wheelers. The M-800 is exported to Chile, Egypt, Algeria, Peru, and Nicaragua.

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