South Korean Hyosung Motors :: GT250RR motorcycle :: Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Photo of the month June  @ IndiAuto.In!!!

A model shows off South Korean Hyosung Motors GT250RR motorcycle during the Tokyo Motorcycle Show!!

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  Javed Raza

November 9, 2009 at 5:35 AM

Nobody is going to buy if it is priced like Ninja.
Reason: If there are enough fools to be fooled for that price, then they have already been fooled by bajaj with the shit of ninja and people think that there is no bike in the world other than ninja.
so even if GT250R is better than ninja, people wont buy it they will go for ninja, coz they are already fooled by bajaj, and they have strip of ninja on their eyes.

Hyosung please dont launch it if you expect more than 2L.

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