Price of spare parts of Bajaj Pulsar 150

Recently i took my Bajaj Pulsar 150 to the service center to get it serviced. It was Bajaj Authorized service center in Paldi, Ahmedabad and i think the parts they replaced in my pulsar are genuine.

Frankly speaking, i am a lazy guy, i got my pulsar repaired and serviced almost after 2 years. Until now i used to changed the engine only and some of the other minor maintenance like brake repairing and other small things occurred over the time. And seriously, that f*cked up my bike badly.

Price of spare parts of Bajaj Pulsar 150

I had to replace,
  • my brake liners [ kit disc pad pulsar : for 115 + 50 labour, shoe brake cal for 125] ,
  • kit chain sprocket ( they call it a "chain chakkar") [for 715 + 180 labour] ,
  • cable clutch [ for 85 + 60 labour],
  • And Bajaj 20W50 Genuine Engine oil for 300
  • Tank cleaning 100 and 227 for service

  • My only advise to you is to get your bike serviced regularly. This helps maintaining mileage, avoids sudden breakdowns, keeps engine firing smooth and bike's parts will remain safe. You can also ask mechanic to do some necessary settings that help in getting good mileage. I have also heard that if you run your bike in "reserve" more often, it reduces the fuel economy.

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January 26, 2013 at 1:48 AM

price of 220 mask and fitting shops available in coimbatore


February 28, 2013 at 11:38 PM

700 Rs if non-genuine in pune...
And 1400 if pune.
As it is a mecca of bikes..u will get 95% first copy parts....i recently changed mine...with the orignal one..

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