What is new In Apache RTR 180 Menace? Price?

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Here are the key feature of new Apache RTR 180, 
  1. First of all, you will get more powerful engine, and you will get 20 more CC, compare to old Apache RTR 160.
  2. The Updated Engine produce 17.3 bhp of maximum power with 15.5 Nm of maximum torque.. Old Apache was giving 2 less, means About 15.2 bhp.
  3. It is also expected to feature Anti-locking Braking System (ABS). 
  4. You will get Digital Speedo with New white back light
  5. You can track your 0-60 timing with new  digital display.
  6. This will also allow you to track top speed achieved.
  7. Petal shaped disc brakes.
  8. New Naked Chain Cover.
  9. Service and battery indicator.
  10. Wide Read Tyre.
  11. LED Tail Lamps.
  12. Price tag will be about 78,000 INR. 20 k More than the older one!!!

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